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Comprehensive Expertise

Services offered by Colorado Wildlife Science complement the goals of non-profit groups, privately owned companies, public agencies, and municipalities. Services provided by CWS enrich the knowledge of land and resource managers, non-governmental organizations, and the general public to facilitate meaningful stewardship-driven land management. CWS routinely conducts multilevel analyses ranging from due-diligence and feasibility assessments to comprehensive multifaceted biological resource assessments, & impact analyses as well as restoration, mitigation, and resource management plans. Our expertise includes habitat ecology, riparian ecology, wetlands, endangered threatened & sensitive species, wildlife ecology, habitat restoration, invasive species control, spatial analysis, and habitat modeling. CWS employs a variety of sampling and survey techniques when performing wetland delineations and conducting wildlife surveys, biological inventories, habitat assessments, plant community analyses, and special-status focused botanical and wildlife surveys. CWS provides NEPA compliance services and preparation of NEPA-support documents (e.g., Environmental Impact Statements, Biological Assessments & Evaluations, Baseline Surveys) for projects that will effect Federal land. Among the many services we provide are:


Colorado Wildlife Science has extensive expertise and experience in conducting a wide range of wildlife ecology and habitat studies. Where necessary, multi-disciplinary teams consisting of professional biologists, ecologists, botanists and geographic information systems analysts are assembled to conduct habitat modeling projects.

  •  Biological Research - wildlife population monitoring & statistical analyses

  •  Biological Resource Assessments

  •  Biological Inventories

  •  Biological Reconnaissance / Due Diligence / Peer Review

  •  Focused Species Surveys & Floristic Studies

  •  Endangered, Threatened & Rare Species Surveys

  •  Qualified for: Penstemon harringtonii, Spiranthes diluvialis, Spotted & Boreal Owl, Northern Goshawk, Canada Lynx, Boreal Toad, Sage-Grouse & other T&E and rare species surveys

  •  Wildlife Movement Corridor Analysis

  •  Wetland Delineations & Permitting


Depending on the scope, design, and/or goals of a project, compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and policies may be necessary. CWS's breadth of experience in permitting, regulatory compliance, and preparation of environmental public documents effectively facilitates project implementation and completion through a strong background in the biological resources field and established agency relationships.

  •  Regulatory Permitting & Consultation

  •  NEPA Planning and Compliance

  •  Environmental Impacts Analysis

  •  Mitigation Planning and Implementation

  •  Mitigation Land Reconnaissance

  •  Mitigation and Monitoring Programs

  •  Regulatory Agency Consultation

  •  Construction & Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Land Use / Wildfire Assessments & Mitigation

Colorado Wildlife Science has extensive expertise and experience integrating land use planning with ecological stewardship. CWS has assisted many clients in navigating their way through the increasingly restrictive ecological protection standards of city and county land use codes. CWS's excellent reputation with local, state, and federal agencies combined with CWS's innovative methods have assisted many clients in ecological assessments and mitigation that improve site planning to ensure a complete land use application that leads to a successful project. CWS is certified to conduct wildfire hazard assessments and to prepare fuel mitigation plans. He is certified by the Wildland Fire Assessment Program and the NFPA FIREWISEWildland Fire Assessment Program.


CWS has assisted in a variety of recent and on-going scientific research projects that range from effects of residential development and recreation on wildlife communities and radio-telemetry studies of elk movement patterns to field-reconnaissance and GIS-mapping of rare plant populations, and conducting baseline biological inventories for protected areas. Colorado Wildlife Science assists clients, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in designing, implementing, and managing a variety of scientific studies both as the principal investigator and technical consultants.

  •  Scientific / Academic / Historical

  •  Digital Mapping Projects / Data Analysis

  •  Camera Tracking Studies

  •  Species-Specific Studies

  •  Management Plans

  •  Technical Reports / Scientific & Academic Journal Articles

  •  Workshops / Presentations

Conservation Easement Baseline Studies & Reports

CWS has authored over 60 conservation easement baseline reports for 8 different conservation organizations in 5 western Colorado counties. A baseline is an analysis of the property's conservation. This is a state and IRS requirement for landowners who intend to take a charitable tax deduction and a way for easement holders to conduct meaningful inspections in the future. The report — called "baseline documentation" — describes the condition of the property at the time the easement is placed on it and identifies the property's important resources and any threats to those resources. Our use of state-of-the-art GPS & GIS methods and equipment enable us to provide a high quality and accurate report that will ensure that the client satisfies all of the requirements of the IRS as well as the land trust selected as the grantee.

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