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Jonathan Lowsky, MS
Principal Wildlife Biologist / Fire Ecologist 

Jonathan Lowsky holds a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. With more than 25 years of professional experience with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, US Forest Service, Pitkin County Government & two major universities, Jonathan’s career has focused on a diverse array of wildlife from bighorn sheep, elk, and songbirds to northern goshawks, flying squirrels, small mammals, and spotted bats. Mr. Lowsky’s experience includes biological assessments and evaluations for NEPA compliance, conservation planning, GIS mapping and modeling, wildlife research, ecological monitoring design and implementation plus wetland and riparian delineations, evaluations, and restoration. He has published scientific papers, authored numerous management plans, conservation easement baselines, and ecological assessments for land use planning. An expert birder, certified wetland delineator, and passionate observer of wildlife, Jonathan has spent countless hours studying and appreciating Colorado’s diverse ecological communities.


Jonathan has extensive experience conducting threatened, endangered, and sensitive species surveys; multi-taxa monitoring design and implementation; baseline wildlife surveys; raptor broadcast & nest surveys; MIS selection and surveys; biological assessments and evaluations for NEPA compliance; GIS mapping and modeling; and wetland and riparian delineations and restoration. He has prepared over 60 conservation easement baseline and current condition reports for lands throughout Colorado. He has established a successful reputation in managing and conducting over 200 ecological and conservation consulting projects throughout Colorado.


Mr. Lowsky is a certified wildland fire mitigation expert. He has been directly involved in fire mitigation since 1995 when he directed ponderosa pine fuel reduction, thinning, and habitat improvement efforts on the North Kaibab Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest. Over the course of 26 years as a professional ecologist he has gained intimate knowledge of ecosystem processes in western Colorado that lead to increased fuel loads, over-mature forest and shrublands, and measures that can be taken to reduce the threat and intensity of wildfires.

Collaborative Network

Colorado Wildlife Science works with a number of highly respected experts in a variety of environmental and ecological fields. By drawing on the talents and knowledge of these specialists, CWS can meet all environmental and ecological needs without the overhead of a large, non-specialized firm.

  •     Aquatic/Fisheries Management

  •     Botany/Plant Ecology

  •     Conservation Planning

  •     Fluvial Geomorphology

  •     Forest Ecology and Management

  •     Hydrology

  •     Land Use Planning

  •     Noxious Weed Management

  •     Rangeland Management

  •     Soils

  •     Stream Ecology & Restoration

  •     Wildfire Assessment and Management

  •     Wetlands Mitigation & Permitting

Jonathan Lowsky is a highly regarded wildlife biologist. His expertise regarding wildlife ecology, species distribution and issues regarding threatened and endangered species on federal lands is an asset on any research, management, development, or NEPA project. Given his knowledge and abilities as a professional wildlife biologist with more than 25 years’ experience in western Colorado, I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Lowsky for any project.

Eric Odell, Species Conservation Coordinator at Colorado Parks & Wildlife

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